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Just love these towels. Finally, a HUGE towel that hugs the lounge chair. I'm ordering 2 more!   
— Carla from Tampa, FL    

We received the towels yesterday and they fit perfectly! Thank you for amazing communication and fast shipping! Blessings, 
— Diane, Las Vegas, NV 

Used my Sun towel for the first time Saturday by the pool and loved it no falling down and no wind blowing the towel off my chair. Great product and well worth it for us sun lovers. 
— Joe Frailey Lake Forest, CA 
Love the Sun Towels towels!! We originally had bought some to take to the home in Florida, but brought them home to use all summer around the pool. We each have our own color -- no sharing. Let us know what new colors you will have for next year. I may want to buy some from you before the holidays to embroider and give to clients. 
— Jim Huller, President  Maximum Wealth Advisors

Just wanted to drop you a note about the wonderful sun towels I bought from you. My wife & I love them! We use them every weekend on our lake. I love how big they are & that they attach to the back of my beach chair & my boat seat. It drives me crazy how normal towels always slide down when you are sitting or get up. Thanks again & I'm going to get more for my place in Florida. What a great product! 
— Thanks, Eric Gudeman, Higgens Lake, MI    
We just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with our Sun Towels. Last February we went on a Southern Caribbean cruise with ten other couples. When the group of us went to the beach all they had with them were the towels from the cruise line. Everybody was envious of how nice your product is. The extra generous size allowed us to lay on the beach without the normal hassle of getting sand on our personal items and ourselves. I believe our cruisemates will be placing orders with you soon as they won't want to be "stuck in the sand" again. I don't know what type of cotton you use in your towels but not only is it extra soft, it is quite absorbent as well. 
— Best wishes, Tom & Anita Hoot, Fort Wayne, IN

I live on a lake and love the Sun Towels for many reasons (I have more than one). They never slide down my lounge chair since they fit snugly over the back and the pockets on the back are perfect to store sun screen, flip flops, magazines, cell phone, etc. When I'm driving the boat I always have one fitted over my seat; the wind can't move it. If there isn't a chair available the oversized Sun Towel is perfect to spread out on the sand. I can't imagine ever being without my Sun Towels again. 
Thanks for such a great product and I look forward to seeing your new colors soon. 
— Penny Felger, Big Cedar Lake  

Nice brochure and color choices! I would like to say that we use the "SUN TOWEL'S" on our boat and lounge chairs at the lake. The wear ability is unparalleled to any other beach towel I have ever used. The feature I appreciate the most, is the versatile pockets on the back of the towel. They hold my bottle of "Crown Royal", reading materials, and flip flops easily. 
— HAPPY BOATING! Jim "Captain Crown" Eagle, Hamilton Lake, Indiana    
My wife and I brought our Sun Towels with us to our scuba diving trip to Belize. When we weren't diving, we were either basking alongside a pool, relaxing on the beach, or snorkeling. The pockets worked wonderfully for holding our books, sandals, water, sunblock, and most importantly-- our masks and snorkels! As much as masks and snorkels cost, it's nice to keep them out of the sand. Our friends will be placing orders with you so they're not without Sun Towels on our next scuba diving trip. Thanks for providing a great product! 
— Regards,Dino, Filias, PADI Divemaster    
These Sun Towels are of the highest quality material and worth every bit of their price. I have used designer beach towels for years and none of the preimum names can compare in quality to these. I spend a lot of thime at the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida. Many days the wind is strong and ordinary towels have a habit of blowing off your beach chairs when not occupied. These towels slip over the top half of your chair and stay anchored in any weather. I've seen them on boats as well for the same reason. I wouldn't go to the beach without my Sun Towels. Friends have purchased these towels and leave them at my Florida house so they can have them whenever they visit. 
— Michael in Ft. Myers, Florida